DigiAV can take your event to the next level with the TriCaster compact broadcasting studio.


As you spend a big part of your marketing budget on events it makes sense to record and stream these events to give you access to a wider audience and provide you with useful content you can use again and again.


DigiAV can simultaneously record, project and stream your event using the latest TriCaster 410 broadcasting system, giving your event access to a much wider audience. Your event can be streamed live to your website or your company’s social media channels. Alternatively we can host the video for you and set up a pay per view functionality for your customers.



  • All-in-one Live Production: Mix multiple cameras, video, powerpoint, audio and custom animated effects.
  • Stream or record in HD quality direct to the web.
  • Include virtual sets and title frames to give your event a TV production feel.
  • Add video clips, ideal for sharing sponsor adverts and new products
  • Integrate with your social media channels to provide real time updates onscreen
  • Engage with your remote audience by offering poll participation and Q&A functionality
  • With one TriCaster technician overseeing the whole production you make cost savings on several camera operators.


The TriCaster 410 is ideal for large events and conferences when there is a lot of footage to capture. Also ideal for an enhanced video conferencing and roundtable discussion event, with the option of multiple cameras and virtual sets. Our experienced TriCaster technicians will take care of everything. To discuss your upcoming event contact us on 020 3880 9920 or email info@digiav.co.uk.